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Machine -

The Justice Machine

The pock-marked scabs that dotted the treeless, barren landscape on the face of our stronghold city, Labrinthia, were what held

Balloon -


“Yes, you’re going to die one of these days.” Libby stood on the porch to my best friend, Mikey’s, house.

Experiment -

Trial Run

“Put the gun down, Amy!” My voice went hoarse, unexpectedly, as the girl I’d just started dating three weeks ago

Red -


“What are you doing, here? Oh, I see. Good day!” I smile a lie. I find my way to where

Coyote -


“Look at the puppy, Daddy!” My just-turned-four-year-old-today stood next to my wife, Sarah, and a newly-erected porch gate in front

Guitar selfie

In Minor

A few months back, I’d opened up a window on Sunday morning to keep the smell of bacon from wafting.

Billiards -

Calling Shots

In 1987, a man drops an eight ball in the corner pocket, and goes home with a drunk girl impressed

Heliocentrism -


Bruno, you poor bastard. Just when they thought Copernicus was crazy, you came striding in: “The stars are suns with

Friends -

On the Battle Scars of Friends

You don’t hang out with your friends because they’re fun. Even if you do enjoy it, that’s not why you’re

Human Spirit -

The Human Spirit

They’d finally found it. “The Human Spirit,” they called this entity: this carcass. Its double-helix body lay strewn across a