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Billiards -

Calling Shots

In 1987, a man drops an eight ball in the corner pocket, and goes home with a drunk girl impressed

Heliocentrism -


Bruno, you poor bastard. Just when they thought Copernicus was crazy, you came striding in: “The stars are suns with

Friends -

On the Battle Scars of Friends

You don’t hang out with your friends because they’re fun. Even if you do enjoy it, that’s not why you’re

You and Me Too, Sister — The Suicides, #73

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Image Search.”

Only One -

Only One — The Suicides, #72

He’s so blue.  Am I the only one seeing this? This was the only thought that a five-year-old tomboy could

Suicide King -

The Suicide King — The Suicides, #63

Sometimes, when someone changes you change with them: for better or for worse. We change and we fade, and/or we

Philosophical -

Waxing Philosophical — The Suicides, #57

I keep going to these parties. I get drunk, and I get philosophical. Nobody likes it when I do that.

Would you -

Would You? — The Suicides, #19

Would you?: I don’t remember when it started. Before he jumped, some twenty years ago, my Grandpa used to say

Suicide no. 14: Kindergarten

Kindergarten –by Derek Alan Wilkinson There was the blood. And the bullets. And buckshot. And the bombs that he didn’t

Suicide no. 13: Naked Dream

Suicide no. 13: Naked Dream –by Derek Alan Wilkinson   “Why is Wyatt Wilson, of all people, doing this!” “He’s