Embittered Housewife -

Embittered Housewife — The Suicides, #24

Embittered Housewife:   The two hadn’t seen each other in twenty years or more. Good reason likely lie behind this,

Endless Coil -

Endless Coil — The Suicides, #23

Endless Coil:   You could call it “emptiness,” but I’m full to the brim of something else. It’s the “Black,”

That One Girl -

That One Girl — The Suicides, #22

That One Girl:   I never really cared much for any of them. And that statement is a bold-faced lie.

Fast Forward -

Fast Forward — The Suicides, #21

Fast Forward:   The VHS player did what it needed to before Edward Hodge could bring the video back…. Rewind.

Perfected -

Perfected — The Suicides, #20

Perfected: White cotton, with a thread count no lower than eight-hundred, no higher than one thousand. No nylon. Blankets could

Would you -

Would You? — The Suicides, #19

Would you?: I don’t remember when it started. Before he jumped, some twenty years ago, my Grandpa used to say

Clarity -

Clarity — The Suicides, #17

Clarity:   Hypothesis. You consider the world, and your natural surroundings, and you develop these moments—solutions, perceived instances of could-bes—whatever.

Taking Charge -

Taking Charge — The Suicides, #16

Taking Charge:   “Why bother?” Dr. Johnson, a young, ten-year-veteran of the psych department, questioned his adjacent, much older university

Cheerleader -

Cheerleader — The Suicides, #15

Cheerleader:   Nicole eyed the old, hackneyed cheers that blurred into worn grass and rusted fences—the same football field she’d

Suicide no. 14: Kindergarten

Kindergarten –by Derek Alan Wilkinson There was the blood. And the bullets. And buckshot. And the bombs that he didn’t