Friends -

On the Battle Scars of Friends

You don’t hang out with your friends because they’re fun. Even if you do enjoy it, that’s not why you’re

Human Spirit -

The Human Spirit

They’d finally found it. “The Human Spirit,” they called this entity: this carcass. Its double-helix body lay strewn across a

Free Will -

Free Will — The Suicides, #82

Every form of biology is driven by a Darwinian sort of algorithm that: Enables an organism to survive its environment,

Ronald . Fucking. McDonald -

Ronald. Fucking. McDonald.

I don’t like sharing this story, and I don’t think I’ve done it justice.  But, here it is. When I

Cupid -

Cupid Pays the Debt — The Suicides, #81

Cupid ‘s arrow struck a vein: a token-Prozac stimulant to heartache and pain. Death’s defining moment is the moment it

Love or Hate -

In Love or Hate — The Suicides, #80

In love or hate, what difference does it make? My loved ones will be inspired to become slaves unto the

Waiting -

Waiting — The Suicides, #79

Keep your head still. Look forward, into the distance. Or, just look at the ground. Ignore it, or pay attention

Castled -

Castled — The Suicides, #78

My blood will cover: The carpet. The couch. Part of the window sill. Those curtains, not these. I’ll die, here,

Poem -

A Poem — The Suicides, #77

With my father’s entry into the grave, my inheritance he gave: a mansion full of things literary: fiction, prose and

Tenderness -

Tenderness and Roses — The Suicides, #76

This will hurt me worse than you he thought, before he buried himself inside. Blood-stained bed sheets became the tell-tale