Category: The Suicides

I’ve written dozens of flash fiction pieces in response to both weekly prompts, and the now-defunct daily prompts, all themed around that ultimate question: is life worthwhile? I’ve titled these pieces The Suicides, and intend to eventually put them into an anthology.

Only One -

Only One — The Suicides, #72

He’s so blue.  Am I the only one seeing this? This was the only thought that a five-year-old tomboy could

In Protest - photo By Malcolm Browne for the Associated Press - Immediate source:[1]For further info see:, Public Domain,

In Protest — The Suicides, #71

Riots and tear gas flooded the rain-dampened streets of a small town in protest —so pointlessly innocuous that its cartography

Firsts — The Suicides, #70

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “First!.”

Change -

Change — The Suicides, #69

One tuna sandwich. A bottled water. A new toothbrush. He swiped his debit card through the self-checkout machine. Six dollars

A New Skin — The Suicides, #68

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “New Skin.”

Ten Minutes -

Ten Minutes — The Suicides, #67

Ten minutes is all it took. He started in with his typical rant about where I’d been. He knows. Five

Ghosts of Reason -

Ghosts of Reason — The Suicides, #66

Boats without anchors typically wind up someplace else. The common rule is to call something home, if only for a

All the Time -

All the Time in the… — The Suicides, #65

He was a dapper-haircut suit with a fixed smile, plastic that didn’t mend well with the flickering fluorescent drop-ceiling in

The Culling -

The Culling — The Suicides, #64

The bell rings, and the culling begins. Eleventh grade biology is such a pain in the ass.  Phospholipid bilayers. Cell

Suicide King -

The Suicide King — The Suicides, #63

Sometimes, when someone changes you change with them: for better or for worse. We change and we fade, and/or we