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Castled -

Castled — The Suicides, #78

My blood will cover: The carpet. The couch. Part of the window sill. Those curtains, not these. I’ll die, here,

Poem -

A Poem — The Suicides, #77

With my father’s entry into the grave, my inheritance he gave: a mansion full of things literary: fiction, prose and

Tenderness -

Tenderness and Roses — The Suicides, #76

This will hurt me worse than you he thought, before he buried himself inside. Blood-stained bed sheets became the tell-tale

World Stopped Turning - World Stopped Turning -

When the World Stopped Turning — The Suicides, #75

Where was I when the world stopped turning? Police sirens spun as they wailed their own noise-symphony dirge. An antique

It — The Suicides, #74

  Inspired by the Daily Post:

You and Me Too, Sister — The Suicides, #73

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Image Search.”

Only One -

Only One — The Suicides, #72

He’s so blue.  Am I the only one seeing this? This was the only thought that a five-year-old tomboy could

In Protest - photo By Malcolm Browne for the Associated Press - Immediate source:[1]For further info see:, Public Domain,

In Protest — The Suicides, #71

Riots and tear gas flooded the rain-dampened streets of a small town in protest —so pointlessly innocuous that its cartography

Firsts — The Suicides, #70

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “First!.”

Change -

Change — The Suicides, #69

One tuna sandwich. A bottled water. A new toothbrush. He swiped his debit card through the self-checkout machine. Six dollars