Bruno, you poor bastard.

Just when they thought Copernicus was crazy,

you came striding in:

“The stars are suns with planetary rings!”

“There may be more intelligent life out there!”

What was your reward?

You were burned at the stake

in 1600.

(Image:, “statue”)

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4 thoughts on “Heliocentrism”

  1. Perfect! Your rings aren’t made of gold!

  2. That’s one way to stay in power and control the people. Burn the blasphemer who says we aren’t number one.

  3. charlotte833 says:

    Nice. I was curious if anyone would use planetary rings.

    1. Thanks. I’d just found out about Giordano Bruno this week. Before that, I never knew he existed. Also, when in doubt concerning what to do with a prompt, I think it best to be a pervert. If it weren’t for Bruno, I would’ve gone sexual with it, somehow.

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