Cupid Pays the Debt — The Suicides, #81

Cupid ‘s arrow struck a vein:

a token-Prozac stimulant to heartache and pain.

Death’s defining moment is the moment it struck:

pitiful and sinful, we’re all out of luck.


Fuckin’ suicidal, homicidal, we’re just having fun.

Don’t let what they say about young lovers

make you draw out your gun.




Never mind the parents’ protests:

they’re one in the same.

Evolution, mishaps, genocide, or incest:

It’s all part of the game:




Evolution’s what we’re not yet,

we’re part of the debt.

Suicide or homicide,

we’re not done yet.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Cupid’s Arrow.”

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4 thoughts on “Cupid Pays the Debt — The Suicides, #81”

  1. H.M. Nolan says:

    Fast as fast can be. Cupid will never catch me.

    1. Better watch yourself. According to Marilyn Manson, Cupid’s packing heat now.

      1. H.M. Nolan says:

        No shit. Well I am pretty sure I am not faster than a bullet. But there is only a hole where my heart is supposed to be. So if he wants to fill it with metal, so be it.

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